We’re Civilized! by Alex Apostolides and Mark Clifton

This week’s story is We’re Civilized! by Alex Apostolides and Mark Clifton. The fate of Mars and its inhabitants hangs in the balance, as the self-assured captain and the thoughtful scientist grapple with the consequences of their actions. Will they recognize the value of the life they have found, or will they repeat the mistakes of history?Read more

The Man Who Remembered by Spiritus Dei

This week’s story is The Man Who Remembered, an original story by Spiritus Dei. We meet a young man named Randy, a man who found himself at the tender age of 29, just beginning to see his life take shape. He had a job he could tolerate, was contemplating the future with a newfound optimism, and was thinking about re-entering the world of romance. But Randy's plans took an unexpected detour when fate dealt him a fatal hand—an accident that ended his life and set him on a path through a surreal afterlife bureaucracy.Read more

The Leech by Robert Sheckley

In this week’s story The Leech by Robert Sheckley, we explore a tale of a spore—a seemingly lifeless entity that has drifted through the cosmic void for millennia, until the fateful day it lands on Earth. Unbeknownst to humankind, this tiny seed holds within it a hunger that defies comprehension, an insatiable thirst for energy and mass. As it stirs to life and begins to grow, it falls to an unwitting professor and an overconfident general to confront the unknowable.Read more
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